"Encouraging & Motivating Positive Leadership Opportunities for Youth"
After-School Program, provides structured activities such as:
•Tutoring   •Nutritional Education   •Financial and Computer Literacy    •Gun Safety-Firearm alternative (Violence  Prevention)   •Drug Prevention
•Alternatives to Gang Involvement   •Music through a weekly choir practice and periodic performances   •Arts & Crafts
•Drama and Plays in association with ATFG (Art Taken for Granted), & Phoenix Center 

Learning about Giving to those even less fortunate through:
•Assisting with preparing food box distribution   •Assisting with clothing preparation for distribution to those with an increased need.

Youth Field Trips and Events to:

•Museums   •Theaters   •Skating   •Bowling   •Sports Activities (E.g. Suns, Diamondbacks, ASU & Cardinals)


•Youth Choir   •Plays for the community

Biblical Values as Values to live by: 
•Honesty   •Developing a work-ethic   •Partnering with Community Representatives   •A Belief in Themselves and their Ability to Succeed.