"Encouraging & Motivating Positive Leadership Opportunities for Youth" Program includes: - After-School Program which provides structured activities.. - Teaches children about giving to those even less fortunate through food box and clothing distribution. - And many more positive social development activities. Read more...

Mothers of Murdered Children

Mother's of Murdered Children was established as a division of DGMF for those mother's who are interested in receiving & giving support to other mothers who have lost their child to violence. We will assemble together to encourage, empower, strengthen, & help bear the burdens of one another. I personally realized after almost 4 and a half years that I was not living life fully. Read more...


There will be volunteer staff and or practitioners working to help the young people gain experience in the above areas. It is our hope that the children who participate in this specific program will become multi-faceted individuals, which of course will enable them to move beyond their current circumstances and or situations and be great contributors to society!  All from fundraising events to benefit the DGMF/EMPLOY youth after school program.

Our kids will participate in this program over the school year & summer. Upon completion of the program the children will receive a certificate showing that they were succesful in the curriculum & completed each component.

The certificate will be awarded to the kids upon the last year of elementary school & will signify that the student has become well versed in the programs components of the curriculum. Those youth who are dedicated will receive certificates of awards during their years of participation to encourage continued participation. It is our hope to reach all children between the ages of 6 & 16 to teach them how to live powerfully through integrity & hard work. We are seeking a curriculum and or formula to set in place to monitor these young men and women beyond grade school into high school.