Dear Potential Contributors,

The Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation (DGMF) is pleased to present this proposal for your review. We look forward to partnering with you to provide assistance for our after-school & end of summer program for our inner city at-risk youth. Most of our kids have the lack of parental guidance & are in need of this program that steers youth from violence by educating them through leadership development & making the youth aware of what is necessary to succeed in life. DGMF  has over 35  + at-risk youth that we E.M.P.L.O.Y ( Encouraging  and Motivating  Positive Opportunities of Youth) by  developing self-esteem  exercise, computer literacy, music, physical activities, nutrition, gun safety, drug prevention, gang prevention, and logical/ spiritual growth. During last year, we have been piloting the E.M.P.L.O.Y program with a small   group of students whose parental support lacks in their lives. We create a safe environment where they are allowed to share their ideas and gain knowledge of God’s Word and applying the principles of ethics and moral values in their lives.  The odds are against us when it comes to the neighbors themselves. The youth come to the program to find a sense of belonging, love, and understanding. In this sense, this type of stability is lacking in their own personal homes. E.M.P.L.O.Y Program addresses the needs of many at-risk youth in the South Phoenix community.

DGMF has hosted a 3 day basketball tournament for the past 4 years & we are fast approaching our 8th annual tourney this June. We do this in memory of Damien Gosa because of his love for the game of basketball and community sportsmanship. Though Damion’s life was taken effortlessly with no reason we as community advocates stand in place to fight back with determination and sound doctrine. In memory of Damion and our fight against youth violence we gather teams from ages 10 to 40 plus to play on age categorized teams for three days. Through basketball games, one with the DGMF youth playing Phoenix Police Officers, positive and encouraging speakers, great concession food, & entertainment we are determined to accomplish our goal of changing a generation.

One of our biggest challenges is having the funds to secure a gym that will accommodate our teams. The rate for renting a gym has been from $4000 to $6000 & that’s only half of our battle. We would like to have reversible practice jerseys made for those who do not have the team jerseys to depict while playing the games. We are hoping that you are able to aid us in this community event.

This proposal requests funding for our 2017 DGMF 8th Annual Basketball Tournament. We hope that you would help fuel this event along with the awareness of our steering youth from violence & changing a generation campaign.  Your involvement is deeply needed and highly appreciated! We hope that you consider an allegiance with us. The levels of sponsorship are as follows: We have a platinum level which funds the entire event (approximately $11,000) which includes cost of facility, T-shirts, trophies, talent prizes, raffle items, referee fees, scholarships, & concessions. Next, is our Gold level which will include the cost of the facility; Silver, includes the cost of T-shirts & trophies, & bronze includes cost of food & raffle items. Then we have a copper level which includes any amount a sponsor is willing to contribute. No contribution is too small. Each organization who contributes will have their name listed on our sponsor banner and will have their name & logo posted on our website.



Cynthia Lazaro

Founder, President, & Director, Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation

Founder, President, & Director, House of HELPS Community & Worship Center



Encouraging & Motivating Positive Leadership of Youth

DGMF is a Tax Exempt Organization



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