Damion was a man who loved athletic competition.  He enjoyed political and philosophical conversations and debates.  He was the father of three…2 daughters and 1 son.  Shortly after his death his granddaughter was born.  Damion was among some of the exceptional athletic talents that the great state of Arizona has produced!  He attended Phoenix Carl Hayden High School, and then moved on to Central Arizona College, from there he was off to the University of Texas El Paso; which would also be his final collegiate playing ground.  Damion also participated in countless amounts of local community tournaments!  His trophies, endless! Damion still holds the state title for most rebounds in a game and was also the performing voice of "Shaqtus the Cactus!"

Damion Gosa 35, was murdered during a violent invasion of his home in June of 2009. Damion was very active in the Arizona sports community as both a youth and adult. His passion was Basketball; Damion’s legacy will live on through the collaborative efforts of those whom love him.

Therefore through our mission & goals let us bring awareness of Violence, Peer Pressure and Crime amongst our youth and communities. Help us take a stand against these elements that destroy our youth &  cripple society. Let's steer our youth from violence and change THIS generation!