Hometown:Phoenix, Arizona

Field | Occupation: Minister, & Director of 2 NPO's.

Why do you serve at DGMF?: Being the Founder of DGMF I originally desired to bring at risk youth into our program to build them up, by placing a firm Foundation of morals, values, character, & integrity. That continues to be my desire; however, the more I work with them, the more I fall in love with them. DGMF is all about love, & I love spreading it! The love we display today, will conquer hate, & transform this generation for tomorrow.


Hometown: Stafford, Connecticut

Field / Occupation:Aerospace Industry/Prog. Mgmt. Analyst (retired)

Why do you serve at DGMF?:
I humbly serve in my position with the Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation because I see the possibility of great things happening through DGMF. It is an honor to be a part of a team that is focused on making a difference and providing a positive growth path for the youth of in our community.


Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Field | Occupation:Healthcare Administration / Medical Billing Coordinator

Why do you serve at DGMF?:
I serve DGMF because the mission drives home tremendously. Being a surviving victim overwhelms my heart. Changing the minds of our youth and communities becomes my drive; my personal mission. DGMF strives to redirect, recreate, motivate, build up every child, every individual we come in contact with amongst other things. For this I choose to take a stand with my fellow constituents. Driven by a need for change, the desire to be that change and make change happen across our communities. Our children are our future.

Wes Harris - Chief Finance Officer

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ. Born in Yucca, AZ

Field | Occupation: Former CFO of Armour & Company and Armour Dial

Why do you serve at DGMF?: I’m working with DGMF to help them grow larger to be able to accept more neighborhood kids in their program.  This requires more and more stable fund-raising events and corporate sponsors.


Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Field | Occupation: Retired Customer Service/Sales & Marketing Representative for prominent airline.

Why do you serve at DGMF?: I serve at DGMF because I believe in the mission of the organization. At DGMF I believe in uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging our youth to become role models and do amazing things in their communities as they move forward with their personal goals. Showing when we are deeply rooted in our community, we can spread love and respect to others.

Knoye Jackson - Youth Program Director

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Field | Occupation: Caregiver

Why do you serve at DGMF?: I believe collectively we can all make a difference in the lives of the kids. Teaching them to love, to serve others and to believe that they can do all things through christ who strengthened them. As the kids watch our lives and see us working in unity and in love that's why I sit on the dgmf board.

Charles Gosa - Athletic Coordinator

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Field | Occupation: Basketball trainer

Why do you serve at DGMF?:
As a sibling of Damion Gosa I serve on the board to honor him in providing knowledge to the youth while giving hope that they can achieve their dreams not only through non violence, but by action that will always provide a positive outcome. And the belief that their environment is not a means to an end, but an end to a mean. Being a trainer helps me identify with youth, while acknowledging my past and giving them hope for their future.

Willie Mae Russell - Treasurer

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Field | Occupation: Medical Technologist at Maricopa County Department of Public Health.

Why do you serve on the DGMF Board?: I serve DGMF because I want to make a difference in the lives of children who are unfortunate and need some positive opportunities to help them make better life choices and decisions.

Patricia Robertson - Secretary

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Field | Occupation: Church Administrative Assistant, St. John Institutional Baptist Church, Motorola Inc. Telecommunications

Why do you serve at DGMF?: I serve on the Board of DGMF, because I see a need to steer Inner City Youth from the perils of believing that the only life they have is one of poverty and ghetto living. I believe that with proper motivation, these youth will be able to actually visualize the road to success in the fields of education, sports, and build a better life for themselves. By actually placing the mission of DGMF in the forefront of their lives, they will exercise the confidence that they can CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

Edmond Glen Woods- Facilities Director

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Field | Occupation: 

Why do you serve at DGMF?: