Steering Youth From Violence One Generation At A Time




Our Mission:

The Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation's (DGMF) mission is to empower, encourage, motivate, and inspire at-risk youth to rise above their environment, and, through integrity, love, and respect, achieve their highest potential.


Our Goal:

To provide the means to make possible, practical, and easy the opportunity for youth of today to reach for the highest level of achievement in their lives. DGMF/EMPLOY will utilize our programs including sports mediums and others to draw young people and mentor them in all aspects of life; while instilling in them the value of their lives and the lives of others. We will empower them to integrate with the community to become healthy citizens and good stewards.  We will inspire them to become involved in activities and community involvement which will lead to active community service and a productive lifestyle. This will keep our youth from temptations that lead to violence and eventually destruction. Our youth will be supported by a foundation built beneath them that will provide avenues in their pursuit of higher education. They will achieve their dreams and be elevated to a level of living many adults have not achieved. They will live powerfully through our program of music, drama/arts, self esteem, computer & finacial literacy, drug & gang prevention, nutrition, gun safety, tutoring, and exercise. At our After School & Summer Youth Programs, they are edified to realize they are unique & special! They also learn they are loved as they find a sense of belonging, love and understanding to become the leaders of tomorrow- the Doctors, Lawyers,Politicians, Ministers & Teachers. With your help, this goal is attainable!